Is The One Minute Cure a Scam? Get the real facts!

Iíve always been a big fan of natural cures. Given a choice, Iíd rather consume something natural than some exotic chemicals that were manufactured in a laboratory somewhere. Call me weird but those pheno-dextro-ferra-whatever chemicals just donít sound healthy to me.

Recently, while surfing the Internet looking at natural cures, I stumbled upon the One Minute Cure website that claims you can heal almost any disease by taking a daily dose of a particular product (not their own). At first, I thought that it was surely some sort of snake oil scam. But after doing some research, I began to think differently.

To understand how it works, you have to know a little bit about biology. And the key word here is aerobic. An aerobic organism is one that needs oxygen to survive. All people, plants and animals are aerobic organisms.

However, most bacteria and viruses that cause diseases are anaerobic. This means that they thrive in low oxygen environments. In most of us, our blood cells contain just a small amount of oxygen; providing an ideal environment for anaerobic organisms. This allows disease causing anaerobic bacteria and viruses to flourish within our bodies.

And the point of the the One Minute Cure website is really simple; introduce more oxygen into your system and these dangerous disease causing anaerobic organisms will disappear; eliminating many diseases and making you healthier. After I learned this information, it all seemed very logical.

The site indicates that there are hundreds of physical problems and diseases that this natural therapy can cure. Among them are:

Chronic Pain
Digestion Problems
Sore Throat
(And although I hesitate to mention it Ė even Cancer, Emphysema, and Parkinsonís disease among others.)

Because I am a big fan of natural cures, I immediately ordered the book. I just got it yesterday, but I will check it out and be applying their natural cure techniques. To check it out for yourself, go to Natural Cures.

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